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Our approach as your strategic planning partner is to create experiences that engage your target audiences while delivering brand awareness and in turn an increase of ROI. Using customer insights and CRM techniques, we can use the information gained to strategically plan the best way to interact with your customers and market your brand. Our staff includes experienced team members that not only keep up with the latest web trends, but have helped create them while never forgetting the basics of marketing a brand successfully on a digital platform.

Banners, newsletters, flash animations, a new site revamp, whatever it may be, we all know that great creative is creative that works. And Ivacan knows great creative. Period. From the smallest of campaigns to the largest, Ivacan is here to provide you with the best in creative and development services. Our development team is experienced on all platforms of the web, mobile devices and operating systems. Whether it’s a survey for your customers on your existing site, an iPhone application for your consumers to browse your latest products, or a Windows based application that allows consumers to design their own products, Ivacan will take care of it.

You’ve got the great end product… now what? The greatest websites in the world don’t get popular overnight. Well, unless we create them. But that only happened a few times. Most of the time, you will need a great marketing plan to accompany your great website. Ivacan is here to deliver that marketing plan. With the experience needed, we can deliver the tools needed to communicate your campaign towards any target base desired through extensive PR, advertising, social networking, and more… Let us design your next marketing campaign, you won’t be disappointed.

Did it work? Of course it did. Oops, we’re sorry but we’re just so used to seeing great results. Allow us to measure the progress of your next campaign with some of the most advanced analytics known, or let us create a custom analytic system for you.

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latest NEWS

03.22.10 - Google moves Chinese search to Hong Kong

Google has shut down its Google.cn site and is redirecting users to Google.com.hk

03.22.10 - Amazon takes on Apple, Barnes & Noble w/ Kindle app 4 iPad

Amazon announces that more than 450,000 Kindle books will be available for the iPad when Apple's tablet arrives on April 3

03.22.10 - Apple adds Gift this App option to App Store

More revenue for the apps department - buy an app for a friend

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